The real birth wars

The “quality and safety framework” has been released. My response looks like this:

The Real Birth Wars *graphic warning*

Those not from around here might need a little explanation about this post.

The dude in the suit peering at the baby he’s imprisoned in a plastic box, away from it’s mother, is Dr Andrew Pesce, current head of the AMA. I heard a rumour he’s a docbot or was that a godbot? Either way, I’m sure it’s not true, he’s a surgeon so he must be wonderful, right?

The woman in the glasses in parliament is our current Health Minister, Nicola Roxon MP who has kindly dropped Australian women in deep shit due to allowing the docbots free reign over our bodies and human rights.


So a birth activist has created this montage which I have to warn you contains graphic footage of violence and brutality like caesareans, stirrups and women in terrible pain and anguish. In any other scenario it would provoke howls of appropriate outrage but you know, birth, women, babies, hospitals, no one considers that scary but those of us who’ve seen through the emperor’s clothes and know there’s not a lot of lifesaving going on but there is a lot of moneymaking occurring.

And let’s not forget what Professor Hannah Dahlen said at the recent senate enquiry after which legislation to put surgeons in charge of birthing women and remove midwives as primary carers was put before the house:

The leading cause of maternal death in Australia is suicide.

The Real Birth Wars