The real birth wars

The “quality and safety framework” has been released. My response looks like this:

Legal Regulation of Pregnancy and Childbirth

Via the ever marvellous Feminist Law Professors. As personhood of the foetus is foisted on Australian women via the backdoor of homebirth legislation, we should be paying attention to this.
Legal Regulation of Pregnancy and Childbirth

Courtney G. Joslin
University of California, Davis – School of Law

The Child: An Encyclopedic Companion
, University of Chicago Press, 2009
UC Davis Legal Studies Research Paper No. 205


This piece, a short entry in The Child: An Encyclopedic Companion, examines the legal regulation of pregnant women. In particular, the article discusses whether and under what circumstances the state can force pregnant women to undergo unwanted medical treatments or physically restrain or punish pregnant women for engaging in otherwise legal conduct when the state believes that these interventions are necessary to protect the fetus from potential harms.

Accepted Paper Series

Too good to pass by

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Wow. Just wow.

Further wowing to be had from Helen Razer who offered us some great tips on Vajazzling in time for International Women’s Day. Oh and a slamming for some playwright or other, whose work I once enjoyed. Onya, Helen.