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Morning coffee round up

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Gnome Angel crochet

For your reading pleasure. I hope you’ll grab a beverage, sit down and spend a little time with me and the other readers. Got something to share that you think others may enjoy? Please feel free to share in the comments!


Yesterday was a big birthday day in my world! The Artist was 44, Soldier of Fortune’s boy was eight, The Cellist’s baby was three years old, my beautiful solicitor had a birthday and Junipah was one. *mushy heart noises* One year since she was born uneventfully at home and has been fed with donor milk since birth as well as mama’s milk. There’s so much for her and her family to celebrate. So enjoy this completely unremarkable entrance to the world and remember this is normal birth. But it makes the world go round and is the answer to all those questions about where love comes from. Happy birthday, darling Junipah!

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Can you read the signs? It’s never too late to change models of care and just stay home.

Top Ten Signs Your Doctor Is Planning To Perform an Unnecessary Caesarean Section on You

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Breech birth is one of the main reasons for booked caesarean surgery in Australia. Tomfoolery. Breech is a variation of normal and breech babies come out vaginas like head down babies.

Mechanism of breech

Once more I am compelled to write about Breech.  After the  study proving vaginal breech to be as safe as a section  you’d think the whole world would be back on board.  After all it only took a matter of months after the flawed Hannah trial for almost every Obstetrician to be convincing women that a major operation was safer than a normal birth.  But NO.  In Australia at least it is worse than ever and with the NHMRC guides saying that only “singleton cephatic 37 to 42 weeks with no other complications” should stay home, they could not be trying any harder to stamp out normal, unhindered birth in all it’s variation of normal.

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There’s no such thing as freebirth. Birth is birth. Words of wisdom over at The Little Leaf. Just beautiful!

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Support Brenda Capps – California.

Brenda Capps was arrested Thursday, November 15 and was charged with practicing medicine without a license. Please help us raise funds for her legal battle.

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Another of those lost pieces of knowledge around birth is what Kitzinger called “rest and be thankful”. I’ve heard from so many women that doctors and midwives, hospital and home, become anxious at this point and instead of supporting a woman to have a rest or a sleep, will start suggesting drugs, walks around the block, homeopathics or herbs. How about we trust birth and trust that bodies know what to do?

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Some amazing woolly goodness here! I totally agree that the repetition in this kind of work is delightful and delicious, even a bit d’lovely.

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I have to admit, I have quite the thing for rainbows of wool or cotton. What is it that’s so very incredibly amazingly satisfying about rainbows whatever the colours? Drool. Unrepentant drool.

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Another of those things that gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction is the making of dish cloths or wash cloths. I tend to use old, secondhand or recycled cotton because I think of them as money savers but for gifts it would be very tempting to buy some beautiful white cotton and some red…. Or some blue… or something contrasting… See? I get all carried away! How about you?

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What’s really going on in South Australia at the moment?

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You can find that out here. As Lisa Barrett says:

They have raided my house so I no longer have a computer or a telephone, my husband can’t carry on his business as they took his computer and the children can’t do their school projects as they took their computer too. They have the power to prevent a grieving mother from being reunited with her baby.  All for a political agenda, to scare and humilitate.   I have not officially been accused of anything let alone charged but trial by media is far easier.