homebirth after previous trauma

April had two hospitals births then a freebirth

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I live in Warrnambool – South West Victoria.
I am Caucasian. I am married and am a stay at home mum (who sells the odd handcrafted placenta over the Internet LOL).
And I have had one homebirth after a previous caesarean and previous to that a traumatic hospital induction.

About 3 years before my first child was born my older sister planned a midwife attended homebirth which resulted in a transfer and ’emergency’ caesarean, her second child was born via elective caesarean.

My first birth experience was at our local public hospital, I was 22 at the time. I was induced for pre eclampsia and it was a horrid experience. Multiple VEs, multiple attempts to get drips into my arms, many attempts to get a fetal monitor attached to my son’s head, all excruciatingly painful.
I screamed and screamed, I writhed around, I tried to get away and as a result of my unwillingness to cooperate I was assaulted – a midwife held me down by the shoulder as they broke my waters.

18mths later my second son arrived via elective caesarean (I was 24). I was terrified of experiencing all the above again and in the midst of flashbacks and a really shitty head space, thought that a Caesar was my only way to avoid it all.
Shortly after he was born I was diagnosed with PTSD.

Before I was even pregnant with my 3rd child I knew that he would be born at home. I initially was drawn to freebirth but then learned that there were in fact 2 Independent Midwives local to me, so then hired them.

At 35wks we ended care with them as the nagging doubts that I had had for a few months came to a head when they triggered my PTSD (with talk of induction should I reach 42wks…which they then tried to reassure me about by saying I wouldn’t even reach 42wks anyway) and I realised I wasn’t getting the care I wanted or needed from them and would not be able to labour or birth with them present.

We then found a doula and planned a freebirth.

Our 3rd child was born at home in our kitchen, in a birth pool, into his daddy’s hands, while our doula looked on (and took lots of amazing photos!).
Despite the earlier assumptions of the midwives, I did indeed carry to 42 weeks, and #3 was born at 42 weeks and 2 days gestation. (I was 26)