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Sydney: forced birther alert 29 May 2010

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March and rally for a woman’s right to choose abortion
11am ~ Saturday, 29th May, 2010

A rally and march will be held in Sydney on Saturday, 29th May, 2010 – starting at Martin Place.
This is in response to increasing anti-abortion attacks within Australia and internationally:

* In Australia, soon after the charges were brought in Cairns, the couple’s house was firebombed.

* Anti-abortion rightists regularly confront and harass women outside clinics across Australia.

* On 31st May, 2009, Dr George Tiller, a long-time abortion provider, became the eighth clinic worker in the USA to be murdered.

* In May this year in Sydney the NSW Right to Life Association will be hosting the international conference of the International Federation of Right to Life Associations.

Get involved with WAAC and pro-choice organisations from around Australia to help organise the rally and march to demonstrate your support of the majority view ~
that abortion is a woman’s right to choose!

For more information, please phone 0407 665 857

or email: contact_waac@yahoo.com.au