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Pr*n: just say no

A friend of mine remarked on the Book of Farce the other day, that since liking a particular page, she now gets ads for pr*n* in her feed. This sparked me finally into action about something that’s been irritating me … Continue reading

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Happy New year 2014

My New Year wish for you is that you may lose your head before your footing. May you find love in yourself and others. May you sparkle like stars and roll like ocean. May you breathe easy and dancer easier. … Continue reading

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Homebirth in rural NT – against all odds.

This newly birthed woman has shared her story of trying to find a midwife to support her in birthing at home. In the current climate where the rhetoric tells us that the federal government expanded women’s choices, we can see … Continue reading

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The system that cried wolf or the emperor’s clothes are lost in transit. Permanently.

I am frequently bemused by the use of lies to support obstetrics when the truth is so easy to discover. Why are we so comfortable accepting at inquests that all the babies who die outside of hospitals would have lived … Continue reading

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Think before you click

A little while ago on the internet, I was blithely clicking away on Facecrack when a pic zoomed up in my feed of a nearly middle aged man, poorly dressed, teeth missing, looking down at heel and holding a sign … Continue reading

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I am sorry for your loss.

Imagine this: you are being given an opportunity. When a woman tells you her child died, now is your chance to make a difference. A lot of the time, a woman whose child has died is ignored, sometimes shamed, sometimes … Continue reading

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But why beauty, at all?

But why beauty at all? I see lots of images of women’s bodies with suggestions for reframing the changes that age and childbearing can make to our bodies like stretchmarks described as tiger stripes. Each one suggests that these are … Continue reading

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Some Great Australians also happen to breastfeed, David

This is not about an opinion. This is about a law which says discrimination against women engaged in feeding little humans is wrong. How can this possibly be so contentious unless maybe, just maybe, it’s really not about that at … Continue reading

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Petitioning for our human rights

Tanja Kahl has recently constructed a petition about the human rights abuses in Australian maternity hospitals. I urge you to read and consider signing. In her own words, this is how the petition came about: I guess my first birth … Continue reading

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Dear Mary

Births, Deaths and Marriages Sydney, NSW, 2000 Dear Mary, as per your recent application to register a birth in the state of New South Wales. I note receipt of your letter dated 26 December ????. Unfortunately BDM is unable to … Continue reading

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