Australian hospitals in the media

Check-ups for doctors under review

Coroner to investigate caesarean death

Baby Elijah’s inquest to examine antibiotics delay

Injured toddler’s two night wait a sign of casualty crisis

Calls for a new hospital after women turned away

Cocaine surgeons remain at work

Disgraced doctor complains of bad treatment

Private hospital births: ‘horror figures’

Doctors demand more maternity funding

Sex with patients the biggest no no for doctors

Mother tells of pressure from hospital to have a caesarean

Poor resources blamed for emergency delays

Medical Journal of Australia study shows 43% of doctor visits below standard

Tribunals judge morals over errors as negligent doctors escape bans

Besieged Royal Hobart Hospital emergency plea

Rural hospitals turning away mums-to-be

Rural hospitals to lose experienced midwives due to funding cuts

‘Incentives’ for hospital mistakes

Tamarama’s ‘hospital’ has been crook forever but that’s about to change

Hospital to probe drug theft

Wait for public hospital surgery expected to grow

Child abuse victims being misdiagnosed at hospital

Twins die in tragic hospital bungle

Superbugs battle a numbers game

Litany of failure: horror hospital stories emerge

Patients at risk in hospital dispute

Report slams medical device alerts

Rogue obstetrician faces 15 counts of abuse, malpractice

Doctors with a downside[criminal record]

Hospital faces scrutiny over heart catheter’s role in baby death

Doctors who rorted may escape penalties

Medicare rorts ‘cost $3bn’

“How does an otherwise healthy ten month old baby go into hospital and not survive?”

Women ‘overdiagnosed’ with breast cancer

Abortion doctor knew he had hepatitis C, court told

Hospital beds will continue to close: union

Hospital failed sex attack victim: mother

Maternity hospital hits a bump

Hospital forced to downsize

Ambulance hospital delays worse

Hospital facing legal action over mental health deaths

Full disclosure linked to fall in hospital claims

Nurses appeal to hospital chiefs on ratios

State’s hospitals monopolise superbug list

Golden Staph levels “too high” at Charles Gairdner Hospital, WA

Hospital ‘mistake’ caused woman’s death after caesarean

Child porn doctor’s sentence cut

Rape doctor allowed to practice

Patient left paralysed sues Northern Hospital

Surgeons happy to be supported by companies behind hip implants fiasco

Three year old with broken leg turned away from Casey Hospital

Thousands of patients fitted with faulty hip replacements

Poor hospital supply lines endanger patients

Three years to recall problem implants

Hospital research site shrinks as Libs cut cash

Hospital rape case moved

Mothers given dangerous drug: inquiry

Full disclosure linked to fall in hospital claims

Hospitals’ penicillin crisis

They gave our mother a man’s name tag and then she died

Superbugs a fact of hospital life

Doctor charged with sexual assault

Babies die as rural mums failed

Mentally ill living conditions ‘Third World’

Hospital stay is a health risk

Drug toxicity death draws coroner fire

Sydney surgeon gets five years’ gaol for prostitute’s fatal drug overdose

State falters at first test of hospital reform

Hospital reprimands its own boss

Living a nightmare in hospital

Nurse stabbed with butter knife: hospital security to be reviewed

Ambulance board gets an emergency bypass

Rules, rosters and a young life lost

Congratulations sir, you’re pregnant!

Denial of rights in psychiatric treatment

Man sues hospital over delay

Hospitals’ error level revealed

Routine operation ends with death of mother of four

Proposal for hospital bar shocks experts

Bligh to meet doctors over claim patients denied access

Secret bid to restrict hospital visits

Report shows extreme risks in QLD hospital

Hospitals told: don’t turn away patients

Hospitals ‘have a right’ to knock back patients

Children’s medical records strewn in abandoned Melbourne clinic

‘Gentle’ Jacob died because of doctor failures, says coroner

Fake doctor gaoled after abusing trust of friends

Health system awaits a miracle cure

Ambulances tied up at overworked hospitals

Patients killed by doctor may have died in agony, coroner told

Surgery patients put on hold as hospitals close waiting lists

Lost in translation: emergency staff don’t listen properly

Inquest told anaesthetic killed elderly heart patient

Hospital data accusations wrong: NSW govt

Woman to sue after sponge left in her body

Coroner probes boy’s death at hospital

Hospitals pay $33m for botched deliveries

SA hospital cost row intensifies

Overcrowding causes hospital deaths: AMA

Hospital infections kill dozens

Hospital renovation will not alleviate bed shortage, doctors say

Hospital chairs counted as beds

Bed shortage forces mother interstate

Time to be very patient on the lists

Perth doctor suspended after serious errors

Hospital couldn’t find bed for woman in premature labour with twins

Grieving mum wants answers

Sunshine Coast hospital comes under fire

Hospitals now on danger list

Slow response in swine flu death

Diabetic death raises alarm

Infant’s death has forced Royal Darwin Hospital changes

Doctors’ hand hygiene ‘horrifying’

It’s time to come clean, new AMA chief tells hospital doctors

Unwashed hands put doctors in legal peril

Patients die waiting in hospital queues

Queensland Health defies data directive over deaths in emergency departments

Study probes peak time for hospital deaths

Hospital death was ‘in Queensland Police custody’

Dr Jayant Patel guilty of manslaughter

Queensland Health admits patient records lack consistency between hospitals

AMAQ demands probe into Nambour hospital deaths

Nambour hospital baby deaths enquiry

Further legal action expected over hospital death

Tocumwal hospital deaths investigation drags on

Police probe hospital death

Victim livid at Bega doctor’s sentence

Surgery waiting lists grow in QLD hospitals

Coroner investigates gall bladder death

Obstetrician faces raft of serious patient complaints

Gaol for rapist GP who took photographs during assaults

Hundreds of patients shunted off surgery lists

Ex-doctor mutilated woman’s genitals, court hears

Hawkesbury hospital apologises for newborn errors

Cuts lock rural sick out of St Vincent’s hospice

Nurses fear bedlam in gaol hospital.

Doctor on register despite sex allegations

WA govt denies death link at hospital

Access to emergency doctors critical

Jayant Patel’s appeal delisted in Court of Appeal due to funding problems

Local nurses support hospital reform

Teen dies after being sent home from hospital

No place for a baby: dysfunctional hospital

Flu vaccine hospitalises more children than the flu

Casey Hospital blunders revealed

The brain infection time bomb which nearly killed teenager Kate Newton

Hospital performance down across Australia: AMA report

Red tape hinders GPs’ clinical work

Doctors profit in waiting list race

Doctor’s records to be checked

Hospitals fall well short of target for treatment

Down syndrome test performed inaccurately by 45% of operators

State’s new emergency beds turn out to be ‘dangerous’ recliners

Sydney newborn died in hospital wait

Hospitals failing to treat critical cases on time

Rehab after epidural tragedy

He’s a natural: baby whisperer promises birth policy shake-up

Shamed surgeon’s history of lies

Patients at risk? Yes … and then no

Patients put at risk when disgraced surgeon allowed to work unsupervised

Doctor banned as town’s campaign to save him fails

Trauma plan puts lives at risk, say doctors

Nationwide hospital alert aims to prevent another epidural tragedy

Tired surgeons risk lives

Shamed but not named: bad medics use law to hide their identities

Paying for negligence: Birth bungles cost $115m in NSW alone

Hypervirulent strain of Clostridium difficile in Epworth Hospital in Richmond Melbourne

Scared nurses’ secret evidence of intimidation

No room at the hospital for sick toddler

Hospital blunder turns into family heartache

Obstetric and gynaecology claims

Death and injury in hospitals

Two baby deaths as a result of ventouse use by the same obstetrician

Hospital workers’ hands off attitude to hygiene

Newborn baby dies after ventouse

Patients are people, not guinea pigs

HIV, hepatitis fears after failings in hygiene care at clinic

Hep C doctor, scores at risk

Hospital hit by staph scare

Male doctors to get chaperones after sexual misconduct claims

Jayant Patel kept negligence a secret: court

Blaze forces maternity hospital evacuation

NSW Health admits its patient satisfaction figures are rubbery

Doctor charged with indecent assault

A poor state of health: NSW hospitals the worst in the country

Hospital sends mum bill after baby dies

Hospitals operating at dangerous capacities: report

Angliss Hospital under strain – report

Morphine ‘helped kill new mother Petah Kimm’

‘Superbug’ found at Sydney hospital

Why Dubbo’s gone to dogs

NSW hospital could face more lawsuits

Nair to face court on murder count

Bega doctor faces more sex assault charges

Water cooling tower at St George Hospital suspected cause of Legionnaire’s disease outbreak

Werribee Mercy Hospital ‘dangerous’ for pregnant women: nurses union

Report shows asbestos, leaking roof, and a possum at Concord Hospital

Herberton Hospital struck by another outbreak

‘Do patients need to be told?’ confidential emails reveal undisclosed extent of chemo dosing errors at St Vincents hospital

ACT has highest rates of hospital complications

GPs told to stop referring patients as Blacktown Hospital is too busy

Hospital Parking costs increase five times

Dr John Grygiel stood down after giving 70 cancer patients incorrect chemo dosage at St Vincent’s Hospital

Baby incidents prompt Rockhampton Hospital review

55-year-old’s death after hospital treatment was preventable: Coroner

Fathers of babies who died at Bacchus Marsh hospital claim discrimination

Bacchus Marsh Hospital’s insurer settles with families

Bacchus Marsh hospital: baby death count higher than thought



7 thoughts on “Australian hospitals in the media”

  1. What an excellent idea. This list of articles so clearly demonstrates that mistakes can happen anywhere. And I would guess that mistakes are far more common in an environment where there is rush, impatience, unhappy people, spiteful people, people with drug dependancies, over tired people, over stressed people… I would rather choose a birth team and invite them to my home. I would invite: experienced skilled people (who love their jobs!), loviing people, supportive people, passionate people, patient people, healthy, sober people… yes, I woule like to choose my OWN medical people and choose the bext!

  2. There’s a curious cognitive dissonance about our response to hospitals. On the one hand, everyone knows someone to whom Something Bad happened and we’ve all experienced waiting in emergency and something that distressed us. And on the other hand, despite the long lists of dubious doctors, rampant infections, medical errors and all manner of crazy shit, we still insist birth is safer in hospitals. Hmmm. Maternity departments aren’t immune to the funding, staffing, hand washing issues that beset other parts of hospitals.

  3. After reading the comments I am insensed that we just put up this ?
    Why as a society have we become so careful not to make waves ?
    How and when did we begin to accept untruths ?
    Why doesn’t a female human emerge from this mess to create some rational order…… (sorry Julia – I had high hopes for you)
    When are we going to demand some logic and some kind of inquest into second rate solutions to serious problems ? With the accent on patients and their needs rather than money…………

  4. Everything I said above your comment still applies. We are obviously unable to rebel against even these most obvious appalling experiences and treatment.

  5. Hello,

    I think your website is wonderful, and I’ve been reading lots of the articles.

    I hope you don’t mind my contacting you personally regarding my horrendous care and treatment for my breast cancer in Melbourne.

    It’s only 2 mins of your time, but if you’ve ever known anyone with breast cancer you know how that 2 minutes could mean so much to me for you to have a look at it here…

    I look forward to your thoughts on how to take this kind of investigation further.

    Thank you,
    Elaine Caldwell

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