Janet Fraser

Janet Fraser is the National Convenor of the Australian Homebirth Network, Joyous Birth. She lives in Sydney and divides her time between community birth education, birth activism, supporting women and families in healing from birth trauma.

She has been writing since she was seven. Like many people, she lives in a house, in a city. She has children and a dog and is indulged by three cats. She is considered to be of adult years although not overly tall.  She likes to garden but doesn’t sufficiently to warrant the title gardener. She writes because she has to and reads because not to do so would thus appear churlish. She prefers cake. She is on a lifelong odyssey to locate the best coffee. She is clearly over run with bourgeois notions and pastimes and therefore with sufficient time to advocate revolutions of various kinds in the best white, middle class tradition. She is intimidated by poetry and startled when it emerges from her keyboard but persists nonetheless. She hopes to live a very long time and see social change unfold worldwide. Sometimes things she writes end up on tshirts which is an unusual form of publishing but better than the alternative.