Janet Fraser is the National Convenor of the Australian Homebirth Network, Joyous Birth. She lives in Sydney and divides her time between community birth education, birth activism, supporting women and families in healing from birth trauma She has been writing since she was seven. Like many people, she lives in a house, in a city. She has children and a dog and is indulged by three cats. She is considered to be of adult years although not overly tall.  She likes to garden but doesn’t sufficiently to warrant the title gardener. She writes because she has to and reads because not to do so would thus appear churlish. She prefers cake. She is on a lifelong odyssey to locate the best coffee. She is clearly over run with bourgeois notions and pastimes and therefore with sufficient time to advocate revolutions of various kinds in the best white, middle class tradition. She is intimidated by poetry and startled when it emerges from her keyboard but persists nonetheless. She hopes to live a very long time and see social change unfold worldwide. Sometimes things she writes end up on tshirts which is an unusual form of publishing but better than the alternative.

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  1. Eostre says:

    I have another crush……..

  2. Samantha Burckhardt says:

    her smile is as lovely as her heart is big.

  3. flory gout says:

    I just love what you do here!!! How can i “join” ??? So that I can get all the fun stuff in my mail/facebook or whatever??

    Great, great great! Keep it up Janet!!

    big hug,

  4. Janet says:

    How kind, thank you so much!There are hordes more like me on the forums I run. I don’t know if that scares or attracts you!

    I think I have an RSS feed somewhere on here too. http://janetfraser.id.au/blog/feed/

    Lovely to “meet” you.

  5. Joy Reidenberg says:

    Thanks so much for including me on your site as a mind to admire! I would like to send you a photo of me dissecting the fin whale in Ireland that might be better than the one you have. Unfortunately, the person depicted in the photo you posted is not me, but one of the members assisting me. Please send me an e-mail address to which I can send the photo. Thanks!

  6. Janet says:

    Hello Joy! What a treat to hear from you. We love your work here! I see google has steered me wrong and I would love a pic of you, how generous.

  7. Zoe says:

    I have loved looking around at your site, I’m not yet pregnant but when I am I will definitely be going the home birth way. For me, it just makes sense to birth in the comfort (and safety) of the home. Most of my reading has been US based so it’s great that you’re Australian like me!

  8. Janet says:

    Welcome aboard, Zoe. :) There are heaps of Australian homebirthers, I bet there’s a group right near you! I hope I get to hear about your joyous birthing sometime.

  9. Fidelle Luciano says:


    My name is Fidelle Rosa Del Rosario Luciano, a practicing midwife in the Rizal Province, Philippines. I am very interested in migrating to Australia and would like to take the Migration Skills Assessment for Midwives. I would like to request for learning resources in preparation for this.

    I got interested in migration thru relatives who are Australian citizens and residing in Sydney.

    The focus of my Midwifery studies in Unciano Colleges, Antipolo was Public Health Care. I have two years experience in home and clinical maternal and child care, mostly in the rural areas. Since I have studied Midwifery and Public Health Care in the Philippine setting, I find my knowledge of Midwifery in the Australian perspective very limited.

    I have been researching on how midwifery is practiced in your country and would like to request for more learning resources. Where can I get books, pdfs, or websites dedicated to Australian Midwifery?

    I am very happy and excited to learn more about your country and your medical practices.

    Thank you for your kindness.

    Yours truly,
    Fidelle Rosa D. Luciano, R.M.

    Cainta, Rizal, Philippines

  10. Janet says:

    Hi Fidelle, great to meet you. I suggest you get onto Facebook and join our forums at http://www.joyousbirth.info. You’ll meet lots of midwives and birthing women there. :)

  11. Naomi says:

    Hi Janet,
    Love your site. On your travels, have you come across anyone in Adelaide, SA, that does placenta encapsulation? My husband and I have 2 children already and are currently ttc number 3, I am extremely interested in doing things differently this time and placenta encapsulation is one of those things. Please let me know if you can help.
    Kind regards,

  12. Janet says:

    Thanks, Naomi! Good to “meet” you! What I’d suggest is getting in contact with The Birth Place because all things birthy can be found there and those women would definitely find you someone who could do it. You can learn to do it yourself by seeing it on youtube and I know some mws in other states who do it and would be happy to chat to you as well. You can also slice teeny bits and freeze them for consumption either like pills or in smoothies. Enjoy your ttc and I hope you have a beautiful birth for your babe and placenta alike!

  13. Love your passion and your commitment to say it like it is. More women need to hear like it is. Keep it up and coming Much love Sonya Wildgracexo

  14. Janet says:

    Thank you, Sonya. <3

  15. Nicholas says:

    Thinking of you!

  16. Janet says:

    Thanks. x

  17. Amanda says:

    Reading this made me miss you xx Wish we were closer.

  18. Janet says:

    I wish it too. <3

  19. Hi Janet. I’ve been loving poring over your site, admiring the wonderful work you do. Like you, I have a keen interest in educating and supporting women around empowered birthing. Last year I published a book titled, Where the Heart Is: Stories of Home Birth in New Zealand, which has led me down a path where I am now wanting to focus my energies on supporting women who have experienced a traumatic birth, assisting them in their healing process. I am also involved with our local and national home birth communities, and have recently been asked to write an article on the midwife-woman partnership for the new Home Birth Aotearoa online publication, Home Birth Matters. It will focus on various views around ‘when is it appropriate (if ever) for a midwife to decline to continue supporting a woman in her choices?’. Is there any chance I could get in touch with you to ask your esteemed opinion on such matters? My contact email is carla@birthrite.co.nz x Carla

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