Pr*n: just say no

A friend of mine remarked on the Book of Farce the other day, that since liking a particular page, she now gets ads for pr*n* in her feed. This sparked me finally into action about something that’s been irritating me for quite some time now:

stop calling your stuff pr*n because pr*n hurts women and it’s not cute.

We have normalised pr*n and the harm it does to women and children by incorporating it into our lifestyles and lexicons as if it was a meaningless term. What you really mean is that you

something, not that you want it whipped, raped, enslaved, drugged up, suicidal or driven to despair. Back in the Dark Ages before pr*n was quite as successful as it currently is, we began this horrible trend so I apologise to you all for that. My generation called stuff ______ pr*n and then the next generation started calling things pimped, tricked and so on.

Why is Pimp My Ride ok? You want your car sold to men for rape? Or you’re fine with the idea of selling something for rape from which you financially benefit?

Pimp My Pram? As if paedophiles haven’t made that into a potentially revolting notion?

Trick My Truck? What the fuck?

Just like rape is rape and not when you get beaten in a game, pr*n is pr*n and it cannot be applied any longer to food, the English language, clothes, music or anything else into which we have uncritically let it dangle its tendrils.

If you haven’t yet read Nine Deuce’s admirable series on pr*n, you need to and bear this in mind: if your brain is reacting now with thoughts that I must be one of those meanies that Sex Positive Feminists don’t like. Trust me, the last thing I am is sex negative, I’m single, remember?

“And here comes the ergo: moral objections to morally objectionable things do not of necessity result from prudishness. And hence another ergo: arguing that radical feminists are opposed to pr*n and prostitution out of some form of prudishness is a straw man extraordinaire. I mean, really, how many radical feminist fundamentalist Christians do you know? Prudes are proud of their continence, prudes love it when people take notice of the fact that they never do anything fun, prudes revel in abstemiousness for its own sake, and their reasoning usually rests either on nothing or on a prideful adherence to the anachronistic and untenable prescriptions for living laid down by dudes who lived during a time when people had never even heard of burritos or synthesizers. Prudes, basically, are dumbasses — and usually arrogant ones at that. So don’t call me one or I’ll take away your birthday.”

My objection to our free marketing of pr*n and its subsidiaries is not prudish, any more than people protesting child slavery in chocolate manufacturing, are big ole meanies who want to deny children a feed and a roof. Doing the work of advertisers for free isn’t “edgy” it’s being duped in the most profound way by a disgusting international industry that harms people for entertainment. I’m just telling you, we have let our boundaries be over run by this foulness and I’m saying no to it in my space. I won’t do it, I won’t joke about it, I won’t pimp my blog. Will you?

* You’re looking at my reduction of That Word so it doesn’t net me a heap of hits from the people who are looking for it, ok?

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  1. I saw a page on Facebook called wordp*n. Wtf? It’s just gross. I wonder how much the internet and the easy access to p*on is shaping young men’s ideas of what love and sex are. It’s scary really 🙁

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