But why beauty, at all?

But why beauty at all?
I see lots of images of women’s bodies with suggestions for reframing the changes that age and childbearing can make to our bodies like stretchmarks described as tiger stripes. Each one suggests that these are beautiful. Sometimes it’s headed ‘real women’ as if there are fake ones among us.

What puzzles me though is why we need to hitch our star to the beauty wagon?

If being looked at and judged is problematic, why simply shift the parameters of looking and judging?

Why do we need to be beautiful? Why take a label that reduces us to what we look like and apply it more widely? Why can’t we do away with needing to be anything and just be? Why can’t we stop worrying about beauty and accept the body we’re in, love the feel of the body next to us whatever the number of limbs or their mobility, revel in the capacity of human bodies to breathe, eat, digest, eliminate and procreate?

Aren’t all those things the real miracles of bodies, not what the outside looks like?

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  1. An excellent reflection. Sure humans veer to pleasing asthetics, underlying instincts also drive appreciation on features that reflect health that often coincide with features that are socially seen as beautiful. At the same time that natural pinacle occuring when younger is time limited.
    Sadly insecure women allow themselves to become preoccupied by mesuring their worth along stereotypes of beauty, the potential power they feel it gives them in accessing advantages materially and partners to pay their way. Some, but really not that many men, who are so superficial, endorse such and drop them when beauty fades. Such beauty chasing victims end up later on greatly disadvantaged and far less happy.

    Sadly so many very young women head out on this path.
    They aren’t able to discrinminate between having a bit of fun dressing and doing themselves up for a time it’s easy to do such, compared to integrating in their psyche a desperate need to be seen as socially stereotyped attractive. They remain insecure about themselves ongoingly.

    True freedom ,fullfillment, real ecomomic power and worthwhile relationships come to women who work on developing their minds, real accomplishments, integrity and have confidence in themselves, a positive sense of self image, being basically healthy. What’s more is that their appeal, admiration and respect for them from others endures throughout their life.

    The greatest gift to daughters via their parents is to be raised with such an outlook working on solid achievements. All truly smart successful in life women know this. Such won’t live at the mercy of the dictates of capatist drives for plastic surgery, cosmetic companies, fashion manufactorers, stupid magazines and end up with poor quality superficial relationships.

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