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Ilithyia Inspired brings us news of the latest piece of obstetric bullshit to hit the airwaves.

iBirth? iPhone As The Latest Obstetric Intervention

Memorial Hermann Healthcare System (Houston, Texas) have been featured on Apple’s business profile website for adopting the latest in obstetric intervention technology: the iphone. Apparently the iphone and “state-of-the-art medical [applications] like AirStrip OB let Memorial Hermann’s physicians keep a finger on patients’ pulses even when they can’t be at their bedsides.”* Every obstetricians dream, a technology that enables him to intefear in birth while on the golf course!

The newest intersectional blog which gives us feminism and disability brings a truly tremendous, thought provoking learning experience for those of us who see birth, reproductive rights, human rights, women and bodies of all kinds as important. Really, you need to add this blog to your blog roll now!

Law & Order: “Dignity”, Worth, and the Medical Model of Disability

As a feminist, I am pro-choice. Abortion should be safe, legal, and accessible.

As a feminist, I look at more than whether single, individual women have access to abortion. There is a much broader reproductive justice framework that must be scrutinised, critiqued and repaired so that all women have access to informed, supported reproductive choices.

Gloria Lemay has luckily had the loan of one of Australian’s midwives in the last few weeks. Good thing you sent her back! Gawd only knows, we need her here.

Breech birth workshop in Vancouver with Lisa Barrett

I haven’t posted this week because I’ve been wrapped up in having midwife Lisa Barrett as a visitor to Canada.  If you’re not familiar with Lisa’s work, visit her blog from Australia at

Lisa presented a workshop on breech birth for midwives and other birth workers last Tuesday and it was an excellent review with new food for thought.  She showed a breech birth video and, then, broke the video down into still photos to show the progress of the naturally birthed breech baby coming through the diameters of the pelvis in the most efficient way possible.  In addition, there was helpful information on why some babies present breech, how to open up the pelvis with a rebozo and how to prevent problems such as entrapped arms and premature respiration.

Henci Goer, yet again, uses her incisive skills and wealth of knowledge to reveal how the surgical discourse is constantly making inroads into the reality and logic of normal, phsyiological birth. Birth politics have losers, people, they’re women and babies.

Does It? Really? “WHO Admits: There Is No Evidence for Recommending a 10-15% Caesarean Limit”

This is the title of a Medical News Today piece, actually a re-posting of a press release from a coalition of websites that promote elective cesarean surgery. The press release claims that the 2009 edition of the WHO’s “Monitoring Emergency Obstetric Care: A Handbook”  has rescinded its 1985 recommendation that cesarean rates not exceed 10-15%. Can this be true? Not so much.

In fact, not at all.

2 thoughts on “Links in the chain. What’s being written and read in your world?”

  1. Hi J., I didn’t know that the WHO had rescinded the recommendation on c-sec rates. This is the last straw for the WHO, they now have no cred at all. This whole pandemic hype we are experiencing in N. America is because the woman who heads up WHO right now made it her mission to frighten the Northern Hemisphere this winter. WHO has not come out with anything inspiring since Marsden Wagner left. Gloria in Vancouver
    p.s. thanks for the link to my blog

  2. Read a little further, love. 😉 They haven’t changed their minds, the surgical lobby are making it up. Love Henci’s work on this too!

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